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LivePro Super Band


The LivePro Powerband is suitable for various sports.



The LivePro Powerband is not only used in functional training or fitness areas. It is also used in various other sports, such as football, athletics and swimming.


The LivePro Power Bands help to safely add resistance to your workout without the need for extra weight increments which can be costly.
The bands are extremely useful for fitness enthusiasts as they are easy to transport and their versatility allow for use almost anywhere.
The bands can be used to increase strength, balance, flexibility and mobility.Especially when it comes to progressive training, The different resistances of the power bands always allow to use the individual intensity, Even the precise stretching is easy.


More info

  • Lighter bands can be more useful for adding small levels of resistance to workouts and are ideal for rehabilitation.
  • Medium strength bands are great for activating stabilising muscles because of their resistant nature. Medium bands are also great for stretching purposes, where you do not need maximum resistance, but you need to work muscles.
  • Stronger bands can be used whenever adding more weight to workouts isn’t an option, or for assistance in chin ups or dips. Strong bands are great for the more powerful applications such as deadlifts, squats and bench pressing.
Manufacturer SoleFitness
Material Latex
Length  105 cm
Warranty Products Includes Warranty


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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 15 cm

Purple (XL-13mm), Green (L-22mm), Blue (M-32mm), Red (H-45mm), Black (XH-64mm)

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